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Why Tate

Why Tate

See what separates us & what we offer

Find help on your schedule.

There simply isn't enough time in our busy lives to get everything done. It seems like it's always after traditional business hours when you remember you meant to call someone about the dripping faucet. So you add it to the list and try to remember to do it ‐ tomorrow.

Allen Tate Home Services makes it easy to find a service provider on a schedule that works for you. With just a few clicks, you can do a quick search on our website and in no time, you're fully equipped with a customized list of local, pre-screened specialists.

You decide how to make contact. Use our convenient form to send an email to the provider and schedule that service call. Or make a phone call: it's up to you. But either way, you won't waste time contacting providers who never get back to you.

And since our service is always free, you won't add referral fees or monthly dues to your bottom line. At Allen Tate Home Services, we believe that saving money and saving time is a winning combination.